Animal Mass Gainer 2.7kg


ANIMAL MASS  is a balanced blend of animo acid protein, carbohydrate, vitamins,

Minerals and other muscle building nutrients. Who promotes muscle formation and

Growth. It is rich in quality protein and essential amino acids.

Provides more protein per serving. It help in speedy recovery of injured muscle. It is highly

Recommended for Athletes, body builder, active individuals desire of gaining weight and

Muscle quickly and improved performance. Good energy source of sports persons.

Vitamin,Amino acid are natutally occurring in the ingredient not separately.



Is easily digested, rich In all essential amino acids (EAAs), and ranks very highly in various

Measures of protein quality.


Caution : As with all exervise and nutritional programs please consult your physician first or health care professional. Note : These statement have not been evaluated by the food & Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease




Ingredient : SMP, Malto Dextrine, Sucrose, Zinc Sulphate, Maize Starch,

Ayurvedic herbs L-Lysine, Calcium Phosphate, Whey Protein, Glutamine

Flavour, Preservative. Vitamin, Minerals, Amino Acid are aturally occurring

In The ingredient not added saparately.




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