Eaa Plus 45 Serving


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : 9Aminotech Nutrition is a

premium sport’s nutrition brand trusted by athletes

worldwinde. 9Aminotech Nutrition has always aimed at

delivering quality nutrition to support your intense workout

and performance goals. Our product are manufactured in compliance with all necessary guidelines in certified facilities with 100 percent authentic and pure raw ingredients. Product undergo stringent quality checks before they are delivered to you. We aim at providing quality nutrition with 100 percent pure and safe ingredients and composition developed after a decade of research.


LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH : When taken intra-workout or post-workout, EAAs has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, leading to better in lean muclegrouth an recovery


SUGAR FREE: Best tasting EAA+ formula  for man  and women to help boost athlete performance, aid in muscle recovery and growth with zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs


Nutritional information


Serving Size : 10g

Servings per Container : 45


PARAMETERS                                              Per Serving (10g)


ENERGY (kcal)                                                                    0 5.8


Potein (g)                                                                                     0


Cartohydrate (g)                                                                      1.5


Total Sugar (g)                                                                           0


Added sugar (g)                                                                         0


Fat (g)                                                                                          0



Bitter Orange, Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, WarterMelon, Cola, Black Currant, Mango, Pineapple Mango


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